What if I told you there was a way to "growth hack" your way around generating warm leads for your agency or SaaS?

There is... and to start this guide off, I do want you all to know that there were even more calls booked over the next week after starting the use of this method.

Now if you're an agency owner or SaaS business, hold tight, because this was a WILD ride for our agency.

And yes... we still do indeed use this method in our lead generation stack DAILY.

Our agency is considered a growth marketing agency... so it's our job that we're always finding new ways to acquire new clients for our agency and clients as well.

But the methods we put in place aren't the traditional methods you'll learn from your average marketing "guru".

At the end of this guide, you'll learn EXACTLY how we made this happen and I want you to be able to accomplish the same for your agency or SaaS business as well.

Now, let's get into why this growth hack works so well in the first place...

We're taking advantage of a growing social media platform that revolves around local business networking.

Sort of like LinkedIn, but broken down to primarilly local businesses and the way they usually network with each other.

The social media platform I'm talking about?


And in their own words:

Alignable is where small business owners build trusted relationships and generate referrals. Join for free and increase word-of-mouth for your business.

Now while Alignable isn't NEARLY as large as LinkedIn currently is, it has a TON of growth potential and already holds many local business owners as users that are looking to use it to their advantage as well.

So to get started with this method, you'll obviously need to create an Alignable account which you can do here.

Once you've created your Alignable account, you can notice that the platform isn't perfect just yet, but I promise you that it works for our purpose.

By the end of this guide, you'll discover all of the tools and steps that you'll need to take to make this method as automated as possible.

Why does this growth hack work so well?

Nobody, I mean NOBODY, has taken advantage of this platform as much as we have just yet.

Which means that this platform is an absolute GOLDMINE for you as an agency owner or SaaS startup.

Now while I can't promise the longevity of this method, I'll tell you that if you take advantage of this now, you'll get results in little to no time at all.

Once you've created your new Alignable account, you'll want to optimize your profile just as you would your LinkedIn profile.

Treat it like a sales page.

You can learn more about how we do this by grabbing a copy of our Hacking B2B Sales step-by-step blueprint here for only $25.

Once you've completely optimized your profile up to your own standards, you'll then want to start building your connections.

Here's just ONE of my profiles... crazy right?

Imagine this many eyes on your profile in just a matter of days...

With $0 spent on ads...

How do I do this you may ask?

Ha... here's where the growth hack that I was talking about comes in...

We're going to be uploading our ideal prospect email lists that we want to connect with directly into the Alignable platform.

Now you may be asking...

How do I get a hyper-targeted email list in the first place?

Well... there's many sources where you can obtain this data, don't get me wrong.

But let me go ahead and plug our new Icy Leads software suite very quickly.

Icy Leads will pull contact information such as personal emails, business emails, & LinkedIn profiles directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

You can grab a FREE 7 day trial of Icy Leads by creating your new account here.

But what if they don't have an Alignable account yet?

No worries... Alignable invites all of the leftover email addresses in your list to the platform which converts them to sign up like a charm.

What's it look like?

The invitation emails sent on Alignable's behalf have converted extremely well and many of these prospects in our generated lists never even heard of Alignable.

Now let's dive into this easy-to-follow process.

You can learn how to use the Icy Leads Discover module to obtain decision-maker contact information DIRECTLY through LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Once you've obtained your lists, you'll then begin to import these leads into Alignable.

Let me explain how to make this work.

You'll start by downloading one of the lists you've already created with our Icy Leads software as a CSV file.

You're then going to upload this into a Google Sheet.

Here's what it'll look like:

As you can see... not only have we obtained their professional emails, but their personal emails as well.

After you've gotten your CSV open, you'll then grab only the email addresses from the sheet.

To do this, you'll head over to this link.

You're going to copy everything that was exported into the CSV and then paste it directly into the Email Extractor as seen below.

Next, you'll simply click on Extract Email.

Here's what you'll get:

Next, you'll copy all of the emails that were discovered and place them into a new Google Sheet with an Email header in the column.

Here's what it should look like:

Once you've finished, give your sheet a name and then export it as a CSV file.

Now, you'll want to break these up because what we'll be doing next is uploading these contacts into Google Contacts.

With Google Contacts, you can only upload so many contacts at once and have so many contacts in your address book at once.

So what I like to do is split up this CSV file using Split CSV.

What you'll do is upload the full CSV into Split CSV and split it by 600 rows each.

Leave everything here default except for the header rows and limit (lines) field as seen below in the screenshot.

You'll then go through the rest of the Split CSV process and then you should have an export ready for download.

Click the download button and it should download a split CSV file with all of the emails with 600 emails per sheet for uploading in Google Contacts.

Once you download your file, you'll need to unzip the file into a specific folder as seen below in the screenshot.

You'll notice that Split CSV broke up each CSV to 600 emails each that are ready for upload in Google Contacts.

Next, you'll head over to Google Contacts and start uploading these files into a specific email account 1-by-1.

I've already uploaded the majority of my lists, so in this case, I'll only be uploading 1 to show you how this method works.

Here's what it'll look like once you've uploaded a sheet into Google Contacts.

I like to only do 5 at a time then come back and delete them once I've uploaded them into Alignable which we'll be doing next.

Once they're in Google Contacts, we'll then head over to Alignable and connect with the new contacts in our list.

As of now, you should already have an Alignable account.

What you'll do next is navigate to the My Network tab and then the People I Know tab on the left of the screen as seen below.

Once you click on the Gmail icon, Alignable will then ask you to select the email account you want to sync the contacts with.

You'll be choosing the email account attached to the Google Contacts account that we used to upload into earlier.

Once the process is finished, you'll notice that Alignable will find the business owners that already have an Alignable account and sends out connection requests and email invitations automatically.

And anyone who doesn't have an active Alignable profile just yet, they'll get the invitation as seen above if you were to add all of these emails.

Automating Messages on Alignable

By the next couple of days, this growth hack should absolutely be building your new connections in Alignable in little to no time at all.

But how can I reach out to these new connections at scale?

We've created a bot for this.

Yes... an automated messaging bot.

Feel free to message these prospects individually, but I like to make this process as seamless as I possibly can.

You can email me here to get access to the bot now for a flat rate of only $47.

Once you've downloaded our bot, you'll need to unzip it into it's own specific folder and take the next steps below.

Alignable Bot Instructions

1) Edit your Alignable credentials in the credentials txt file.

The format is email,password

2) Go into the workflows folder inside and click on the OpeningMessages file.

3) Edit the message you'll be sending to your new connections.

NAME will be used in replacement of the first name of the prospect.

Make sure you use a * instead of a comma, it's just how our bot works for now.

4) Once your messages have been added and your credentials are set, click on the MainApp in the main folder, and it'll go down all of your new connections and send that message to them automatically.

The great thing is that Alignable hasn't set any limits on automation, so we can make this happen using the bot very quickly.