The #1 problem we've noticed when it comes to creating outbound prospecting campaigns for our clients is the messaging being used.

Many come across as extremely salesy and don't really know that they are indeed coming across as salesy in the first place.

It's a huge problem, and I see it over and over again...

And it happens more specifically with agency owners.

So, that is exactly who this guide is for.

Below, you'll learn the exact outbound strategy I personally use for my campaigns, but these differ with any different industry and what your offer consists of.

In the examples below, you'll notice that my primary goal is to:

#1: Get our ideal prospects to opt-in to download our free step-by-step blueprint
#2: Get these prospects inside of our Facebook group to continuously educate them on our solution that solves a common problem

Once we've learned that they actually HAVE the problem (never assume), we then deliver a solution to them and attempt to get them on a strategy call.

All deals should be closed over a strategy call unless you're offering low-ticket services.

Now while this guide does indeed work for those selling low-ticket offers, it works much better for agency owners with high-ticket offers.

These usually have a longer sales cycle, so I shortened this down to make it easy for you to accomplish for yourself.

Keep in mind: Everything I've outlined in this guide is my templates and they may or may not work for you personally but should give you some ideas.

The right thing to do is take these templates and customize it to the way you AND your prospects speak.

Remember to match your ideal prospect's tone of voice and make sure that it aligns to their specific industry.

Now that you understand what steps you need to take first, let's get started with the guide below.

LinkedIn Connection Request [DAY 1]

Personal Note in the Form of a Question


This may or may not be the MOST important step of your outreach campaigns.


Because this is where your prospects will choose to:

#1: Accept your request
#2: Deny your request

So try to make the connection request message to be as personalized as you possibly can and request to connect with them.


P.S: This can vary based on how you’re personalizing the prospects you’re connecting with.

In this example, we’re connecting with members out of specific LinkedIn groups, so we’ll mention that’s where we found them.

{mention how you found them or why you want to connect with them and include a personal note in the form of a question}


David, noticed you're an agency owner from the Digital Marketing group as well! What's happening in your world?

LinkedIn Touch-Point #1 [DAY 1 - DAY 5]

LinkedIn Introduction


The goal of the first LinkedIn touch-point is to simply build rapport with our new prospect and welcome them into our network.

We want to ask a question that’s extremely personal as our call-to-action but have our prospect be curious about what we asked.

Remember: People like doing business with their friends and people they can actually TRUST.


{variation of a thanks for connecting note and a quick personal compliment}
{insert a probing call-to-action question that’s extremely personal and not salesy - semi-related to the offer, but not direct}

Mutual group example:

David, thanks for the connection! I love networking with other agency owners in the group, just thought I’d reach out. What's the #1 problem you struggle with growing your agency?

An example of a more personal approach (less salesy):

How’s the agency life been treating you David??

Email Touch-Point #1 [DAY 7 - DAY 10]

Email Introduction


The goal of this first initial email is to introduce yourself through email and point out a one-liner about how you help specific people in their space solve a specific problem.

Insert a P.S at the end of the email to reiterate the probing question in a different format as you did above in the 1st LinkedIn touch-point.

The reason this email works so well is that it’s not a “cold” email, it’s actually extremely WARM.

The prospect has already accepted your connection request on LinkedIn and are more open to connect on email as well.

They’re familiar with your face, they have a grip on what you do, now it’s time to just outline common pain points and educate them further on your solution.


Email Subject:

{thank the prospect for connecting on LinkedIn}

Email Body:

{personalized first name}
{introduce yourself and mention that you’ve connected with them on LinkedIn}
{quick personal note}
{add a short one-liner about how you help people just like them solve a specific problem}
P.S: {insert a probing question and reiterate the question asked in a different format as above in the 1st LinkedIn touch-point}


Hey David,
I just wanted to reach out and thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn the other day!
I post some serious value on there from time to time and hope you get some quality advice from what I’ve been putting down.
My company, Leadsster Growth Marketing, helps agency owners just like yourself book 5-30 extra appointments on a daily basis without spending a dollar on ads.
P.S: Curious to know if there's anything stopping you from growing your agency more effectively?

LinkedIn Touch-Point #2 [DAY 14 - DAY 20]

Lead Magnet Offer #1


The goal of the second LinkedIn touch-point is to offer something of value such as a quality lead magnet.

In this case, I used our free step-by-step blueprint as an example.


Because it offers a ton of value that our prospects can use.

And what happens when they see your content as valuable?

It creates a sense of trust and positions you as the expert in the space.

If your prospects can't handle it on their own, they'll hire you to do it FOR THEM.

Makes sense?

In this touch-point, DO NOT send the direct link but ask if they’d like to receive it.


{I have a X that teaches or helps Y accomplish Z}
{insert call-to-action ask}

X = lead magnet

Y = speaking to the prospect directly

Z = the end result of the prospect using your lead magnet


By the way David... I just dropped a step-by-step guide that teaches agency owners how they can book more appointments with potential clients without spending a dollar on ads. Thought you’d like to check it out!
Want me to send it?

LinkedIn Touch-Point #3 [DAY 21 - DAY 30]

Lead Magnet Follow-Up on Offer #1


The goal of the second lead magnet pitch is to just make sure they received it.

If they didn’t, they’ll get another message with the direct link to access the lead magnet.

You want to send them to an opt-in page to download the lead magnet so you can collect their email address when they choose to opt-in.

Yes... we should already have their email from their LinkedIn profile, but it doesn’t mean that they’ve CHOSEN to opt-in just yet.

Ideally, you’d like to automatically deliver the lead magnet through an email marketing tool such as MailChimp as an autoresponder once they decide to opt-in.

You may also want to add retargeting pixel on your links, just in case they don’t choose to opt-in to download the lead magnet.

Doing this will allow you to run evergreen Facebook ads to a specific audience of the prospects that clicked your link on LinkedIn but didn't choose to opt-in.

If you were to run evergreen campaigns to the link clicks on your lead magnet that didn’t convert, you’ll always have an endless funnel of your ideal prospects getting the first step of your funnel, usually being the first lead magnet step.


{mention that you’ll send the link because they’re most likely busy, which is usually true}
{insert the lead magnet retargeting link}
{add a call-to-action in the form of a question}


This should really give you a jumpstart to grow your agency, won’t take much of your time to read it through:
Let me know what you think?

Email Touch-Point #2 [DAY 31-35]

Email Follow-Up About Lead Magnet Offer #1


The goal behind this email is to simply follow-up about the lead magnet we sent over in the LinkedIn message.

Emails will give us more room to explain the value behind the lead magnet, so we want to reiterate what we mentioned before in the LinkedIn touch-points.

It's also important to position this email to be valuable and personal as well.

Keep in mind that the prospect may or may not have received the guide, so just ask them if they had the chance to check it out first.


Email Subject:

{ask if they’ve received the lead magnet}

Email Body:

{personalize first name}
{remind them that you sent them a message regarding the lead magnet a couple of days ago}
{mention that LinkedIn inboxes get cluttered often}
{explain the true value of the lead magnet and why it resonates with your prospect}
{add a link to the lead magnet in the email in case they didn’t see it on LinkedIn}
{deliver some social proof from other people that have accessed the lead magnet}
P.S: {ask another probing question or include an urgency factor}


Hey David,
I sent you a message on LinkedIn the other day about our agency client acquisition blueprint and I’m not sure if you got the chance to grab your copy just yet.
I thought you’d like to get your copy here since things get lost on LinkedIn pretty often.
We created the blueprint because I truly understand generating new clients for your agency is an extremely difficult task.
I know this because I’ve been there myself and so have our clients.
So if you’d like to get access to the blueprint, you can grab your copy here.
The blueprint reveals the exact strategy our agency uses to book around 5-30 daily strategy calls on our calendar as well as for our clients.
P.S - The strategies mentioned in the guide won’t last forever. So make sure you grab your copy now before it’s too late.

LinkedIn Touch-Point #4 [DAY 36-43]

Lead Magnet Offer #2 (Facebook Group)


The goal here is to deliver even MORE value.

Yes, more is always better.

Think of another evergreen lead magnet that your prospects are already getting value out of.

In the example below, I’ll be using our private Facebook group as a lead magnet in itself.

Facebook groups are extremely powerful because you are consistently building a cult following of your ideal prospects and also hitting more channels to expand on this “omni-channel” strategy.

Once they’re in your group, deliver MORE value, but value that you don’t usually offer for free.


{let them know about your Facebook group and what it consists of
{mention more social proof such as the number of members or quality of the members in the group}
{let them know what they’ll learn out of the group}
{ask them if they’d like an invitation into the group}


I have a Facebook group that I’m growing right now full of agency owners (1K+ members) just like yourself and thought it’d be cool to have you in!
Want the invite?

LinkedIn Touch-Point #5 [DAY 44-50]

Lead Magnet Follow-Up on Offer #2 (Facebook Group)


Just like we’ve done with the lead magnet before, if they haven’t responded yet, we’d like to send the link just to know they haven’t fallen out of our pipeline.

Make sure to be respectful of their time and don't bombard them with links.


{tell them that you’ll just send the link and create some urgency and explain why they need to join}
{insert link to join the Facebook group (this can be a direct link or a Messenger bot sequence, whatever works for you}
{insert another call-to-action as a question to hopefully have the prospect come back to you once they’ve gotten access}


Other agency owners in the group are killing it right now with the value our members are putting down. Here’s the direct link to join the group when you get a chance David:
Let me know when you make it in?

Email Touch-Point #3 [DAY 51-55]

Email Follow-Up About Lead Magnet Offer #2 (Facebook Group)


All we’re doing here is reiterating the invitation through email instead of LinkedIn (just in case they haven’t joined yet)


Email Subject:

{simply ask if they’ve made it in the group}

Email Body:

{personalize first name}
{ask if they’ve gotten the invitation into the group yet}
{add the link in the body to join the group}
{more social proof about the discussion going on inside of the group}
{personal note or another P.S}


Hey David,
I’m wondering if you had the chance to get access into our private Facebook community full of agency growth experts yet?
If not... you can get your private invitation here.
Other agency owners like yourself in the group are killing it right now just from the value we deliver on the inside and I’d really like you to be part of the discussion.
Can you let me know when you're inside?

LinkedIn Touch-Point #6 [DAY 60-70]

Direct Pitch With Probing Question AND/OR Prominent Call-To-Action


Here, we’ll be hitting our prospects with a direct pitch in the form of a question or throw an irresistible offer their way.

This can be a:

  • Free trial
  • Free demo
  • Free strategy call

You get the point.

Whatever your “irresistible offer” is, you’ll want to outline it here in this LinkedIn touch-point.


{tell them about how you’ve been helping people just like them fix the specific problem your company solves}
{ask directly for a time that they have available on the calendar with a value add}


David, I’m helping some other agency owners like yourself fill up their calendars with prospects that have been constantly knocking down their doors to become their next client.
When are you free for a quick 10 minute call?

LinkedIn Touch-Point #7 [DAY 71-90]

Direct Pitch With Link Added to Touch-Point


Here, we’re hopefully getting our prospects to take a specific action that we mentioned above in the previous LinkedIn touch-point.

Keep this one super personal and make it sound like you genuinely want to talk to them personally.

Include the link to end the LinkedIn outreach campaign.


{include personal note about how you help people just like them solve a specific problem - try to include an irresistible offer if you have one on hand}
{include your link to your calendar and make it seem like the prospect is singled out from the rest of the prospects you’re reaching out to}
{include personal note or compliment, or ask another question}


I bet you have a lot on your plate David... Running an agency gets tough. If you want, let’s have a quick 10 minute chat to map out how we can help skyrocket your agency’s growth in 30 days or less just like we’ve done for other agencies.
Here’s my calendar to see if you’d be a potential fit for our done-for-you program:
Talk soon?

Email Touch-Point #4

Email Follow-Up About Direct Pitch w/ Link Included in Body


This is the FINAL touch-point.

If the prospect hasn’t responded by now, they’re either extremely busy or just not interested in what you have to offer.

But no worries… if you’re automating your LinkedIn outreach, you’ll always have an endless supply of prospects to include in your outreach.

So this will just repeat each time new prospects choose to accept your LinkedIn connection requests.


Email Subject:

{something catchy and personal, directly related to your core offer}

Email Body:

{personalize first name}
{let them know about how confident you are that you can help them produce results and solve their specific problems}
{include social proof including numbers, percentages, or something that completely stands out from the rest of the crowd}
{request for them to book a call and include the link to your calendar}
{personal note or one final P.S}


Hey David,
I’m so confident that our agency growth system works, our clients can cancel at any time but just choose not to.
The results we’ve been able to obtain for our clients have helped skyrocketed their agency's growth by over 150% in only 30 days or less.
If you’d like to have a chat to show you how we can accomplish the same for your agency, you can book a quick 30 minute demo with me personally here.
Talk soon?